Section of Mathematics / pc science, math office.

Master’s level in Mathematics.

For facts for freshmen such as excellent course of analysis options in the presentation glides for those preliminary training for students of the Master’s programs.


Normal details:

The exam place of work to the Master’s and Bachelor’s plans is found in bedroom 115 during the Team of Mathematics / laptop research. Company many hours are accessible below: Examination student and Office advising.

This business room (Mrs. George) can be found in room 113 in the Department of Math / computer system science. You will see the cracking open points during the budgetary space: online business place.

For a look at the test date ranges Test days in this article.

Created testing:

Registration for authored examinations in math (that is, in the structure components) plus a minor in personal computer economics, physics, economics and science will probably be manufactured all the way through KLIPS. If you have any questions regarding registration on KLIPS, then apply first to the KLIPS-SUPPORT.

Use the form mathematics and hand it in the business room if provided for in exceptional cases in a mathematical base modules no registration on KLIPS or possible.

If you want to make a Altzulassung claims, please use the form Altzulassung and hand it in at the respective chair.

If you want to put in writing in consultation with the / the teacher / lecturer testing in a mathematical construction module, you must fill in addition to the registration in KLIPS nor a request for written test and give the business room.

To lodge a created analyze in one more insignificant theme as personal computerscience and physics, business economics or business economics utilize the develop Minimal make sure you and offer it well during business office in the assessment office.

Oral exams:

To register an mouth examination inside of a numerical system module, you need to makes use of the kind layout unit how much does it cost to have someone write your essay and hands it in during business office many hours in the assessment office.

Please use this request for oral examination and give it off during office at the examination office if you want to take orally in consultation with the / the teacher / lecturer testing in a mathematical base modules.

To sign up an oral exam inside of a modest topic, please work with the kind minor and hands it in during company many hours within the assessment company.

To register for any seminar, make sure you make use of the seminar form and hands it in in the related Division.

Master thesis:

For registration in the thesis, you should use the variety master’s thesis and give it well in the industry space.

At last, the thesis needs to be published in repeat in the industry bedroom. You will also have a digital model with the work with Pdf file structure for the right after link Submit: Add finished thesis.

Please note the fact that thesis covered an insurance coverage together with the subsequent wording will: “I hereby certify less than fee of perjury we make apart from individuals specific source of information separately and without using the current do the job. All tips were actually applied practically or analogously from released and unpublished articles are designated so. The work has not but been posted during the very same or similar type or even in aspect under almost every other test. I certify how the provided electric model on the printed version posted is absolutely compliant. ”


Cancellations of written checks in math and minored are generally designed through KLIPS. In this article, the deregistration output deadlines must be stringently seen.